Define an Essay Structure
April, 14th 2020


The first yet very important aspect that must be clear and understood to write a perfect essay on any topic is the structure, which really influences its quality. Look at the following typical structure of an essay:

Essay Structure

An Essay can be defined in three parts composing its structure: introduction, discussion/body and conclusion.


This part of your essay typically consists of approximately 10% of the entire essay length and should perfectly summarise the topic that the writer is going to deal with in the following body of discussion. This part should contain a brief background related to the topic and what you will do in the discussion. It means that this part includes reflection of the argumentative line that will be carried out in the following.


Discussion is the main part of your essay. Therefore, this part should occupy the maximum (around 80%) space. A writer, in this part, will present and organise his/her argumentative thoughts and ideas related to on the chosen theme or topic with absolutely authentic citations of other authors and researchers, reports, books and other credible information sources. All the authentic arguments and thoughts positioning the writer on that topic will be presented. Consistency and cohesiveness are essential, suggesting that all explanations must be connected with each other.


The remaining 10% of the essay is based on the conclusion part. The writer, in this section, needs to summarize all the most important ideas discussed earlier in the discussion part. Besides, the writer should draw attention to the ideas that assist readers to easily know the writer’s position.

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