Exemplary Phrases To Start An Essay
April, 20th 2020


An academic essay project is undoubtedly the nonfiction genre par excellence. Writing an essay is difficult for some students because of various reasons. An essay is all about expressing an author's way of thinking and position on a topic using authentic scholarly arguments. If this simple formula is understood, students can produce an engaging essay. However, taking scholarly guidance from an expert online essay writing service on any expert nearby is inevitable. The essay gives the writer the freedom to capture his/her position; its pillar is made up of arguments.

Look at the following exemplary essay phrases to start your essay:

Tips before Writing an Essay

Before sitting down to write, you should be clear about the following points:

  • The topic needs to be discussed first. Since the essay always reflects the author’s position and the more interest there is, the more public it will attract and the more controversy it will provoke.
  • The phrases to choose to start the writing can refer to a concept, an anecdote, or a reflection. Perhaps the essay contains a quote from another author on the subject.
  • The most essential factor is that the initial paragraph is outstanding and candidly exposes the main essay theme and the central position of thought.
  • The language must be natural, scholarly, and primarily, personal. Own voice of the author needs to be reflected.

Phrases to start an essay on an education topic

On the state of education: An undeniable fact is that education has now become global. With all the pros and cons that this implies, there is an enormous flow of information. It is necessary to provide young people with the best education that will help them think and distinguish massive information. Not everything that today's youth have access to be true, and misinformation fuels ignorance. The tools that should be given to students have to do not with accessing sources and resources, but with understanding if these are valid and sufficient. They must also be taught to have critical and autonomous thinking and not allow themselves to be indoctrinated by the media and social networks. Developing your own criteria also determines the success of education...

On the use of cell-phones in schools: The issue of cell phones is a serious problem for the behaviour of young people at school. The distraction is that having them on hand creates irritation in the classroom. The problem is that the disadvantages of having cell phones on hand may have a counterbalance to the help they can provide in emergencies. Still, we must find a way to regulate its use in a way that the students feel they have autonomy of decision about their actions, but that also pleases the educators...

Phrases to start an essay on a social topic

About drugs: According to various UK government reports and independent research studies, the number of young people of school age who have become addicted to some type of narcotic has increased throughout the country. Problems at home, with other students, with themselves, and even with the educational institution they attend, are just some of the reasons why young people resort to substance abuse. It is extremely important to note that alcohol, socially accepted on almost all occasions, is one of the first substances with which it comes into contact, and the easiest to acquire outside the home. Hence, the work to fight against the consumption of stimulants has to be a task shared by parents and educators...

Essay on abortion: The legality and criminalisation of abortion is indeed a controversial debate across the world. A large number of countries conceive it as a violation of the right to life, but other legislation allows its practice in certain cases. The truth is that this discussion takes place in legislative chambers in which, primarily, numbers and statistics are studied, and not concrete cases in which the voice of women is heard. From my perspective, the legality of abortion is how the law decides how a woman can use her body. Similarly, criminalisation of abortion implies what sanctions under the law can be imposed on women who aborted. A controversial subject that should not be a public policy but belong to the universe of the purely private...

This blog will hopefully help learners start their essay projects very well. Stay with UK Writing Help services and expose your talent!

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