Perfect Argumentative Essay Writing Tips
April, 14th 2020


To write an effective and perfect argumentative essay, it must be based on the core elements, discussed later, to convince the readers to see things from the perspectives you are presenting. These core elements include a persuasive topic or theme, a well-balanced and well-organised assessment, concrete and authentic evidence, and the language characterised by persuasion.

Find a Relevant yet Controversial Topic and Perspective

To find a relevant and controversial topic for your argumentative essay, you need to take several issues into your consideration and choose a few that actuate at least two concrete, contradictory perspectives. As you peruse a list of various topic areas, you need to pick one of them that actually create your interest.

After topic selection of your interest, you now need to make a relevant list of various points for and against the topic. When an argument is presented, you need to briefly or thoroughly explain, depending on the length of essay, why your perspective is logical and sound, so list the points you gathered you can use as concrete evidence, whether in favour or against the issue (topic) at hand. Finally, you need to determine your perspective of the argument while ensuring you can endorse your angle with logical reasoning and strong evidence. You also need to work against the contrasting perspective by proving why the stance you have taken is correct.

Gather Concrete Evidence

One of the objectives of your argumentative essay is to thoroughly assess both perspectives of your topic. So, it is necessary to take strong arguments for both sides into consideration by doing in-depth research. You need to present concrete evidence, remaining stick to the research-based facts and most prominent examples so that you can endorse your perspective.

While doing research, you may hunt for statistical data related to the topic that endorse your logical reasoning, along with clear examples of the ways the topic chosen impacts people or others.

Write the Paper

After developing a rock-solid foundation of authentic and reliable information, you need to start the writing process now. Like other essay types, an argument piece of writing needs to be based on introduction, discussion and conclusion or summary. In all these parts, the paragraphs’ length will vary as per the essay length.

In the introduction section, you need to briefly introduce your topic with explanation on the background, along with a compelling thesis statement. A thesis refers to a statement showing your position on a controversial area or topic you have chosen.

Present Both Controversial Perspectives

The body or discussion section should contain your relevant arguments. While presenting arguments, you need to give much detail about both angles of your topic while stating the most relevant and authentic points to counter the other side of arguments.

Once you have described the "other" side, you need to include your individual standpoint by providing strong evidence to reflect why the stance you have presented is right or better. It means that you need to discredit the other perspective by integrating the information you have found through the research conducted earlier. So, you need to present your points one by one by choosing the strongest evidence.


Conclusion should be strong as a strong conclusion assists in summarising your stances while reinforcing them as the best option. For this section, you might also consider reserving one tremendously surprising statistic, so that the readers are compelled to believe on your stance. Lastly, you need to use this final paragraph or two to say again your position as the only or most logical one.

Final Tips

You need to avoid using any kind of emotional language that can sound illogical. You should be aware of what a sound conclusion and an emotional standpoint are.

You also need to not construct evidence with your own with unauthentic citation and don't use unreliable sources for evidence.

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