Tips For Writing A Perfect Compare And Contrast Essay
April, 18th 2020


The wording of a compare and contrast essay involves the written opinion representing two positions. It means that a topic or research area is compared and contrasted to reach a final conclusion.

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There are a few steps you need to follow:

First Step

First of all, you have to be clear about what topic you will cover in your essay: what you need to clearly explain and what should be your positions or perspectives over the topic in hand.

Second Step

You need to start by taking a general observation approach so that you can establish the similarity between the two subjects. Afterwards, you need to focus on the concrete differences. You should present your for and against arguments in such a way that the reader can easily understand. When you complete the introduction, you need to state your preference by describing the meaning of the two subjects.

Third Step

Now, you need to describe the very initial posture that you will treat. For this, you need to make a comprehensive exposition of its characteristics, overall history, effects and all the developments that are considered appropriate. You also need to keep your essay continued by exposing the characteristics related to the second position.

Fourth Step

Look at the examples of how to write a comparative essay:

  • Paragraph 1: John’s preferred position / Smith’s preferred position.
  • Paragraph 2: John’s individual play style / Smith’s individual play style.
  • Paragraph 3: John aerial game / Smith aerial game.

Another example:

  • Paragraph 1: John’s teamwork
  • Paragraph 2: Smith’s teamwork
  • Paragraph 3: John stopped ball
  • Paragraph 4: Smith stopped ball
  • Paragraph 5: John’s achievements
  • Paragraph 6: Smith’s achievements.

Fifth Step

It is the final closing paragraph called conclusion. While writing this, you need to expose a disagreement between the two perspectives or positions. It is better to create a wrestle between them in order to involve the reader. This part of your essay needs to consist of a brief and general summary related to the most significant similarities and differences. At the end, there should be a personal statement, your own opinion, along with the "what then?".

Sixth Step

And ultimately, you need to integrate your personal assessment, in which you need to expose what perspective or position over the essay topic you sympathise and why you prefer it to the other. You also need to present the valid reason behind the stance or argument you have taken.

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