Tips And Steps To Do An Essay
April, 18th 2020


If you think you can make your curriculum vitae (CV) as you wish, you are wrong. If you do not meet certain basic rules, you may not be successful in your job search. Indeed, people who are smart always make sensible decisions, and one of the best decisions is taking an expert’s guidance.

Here we indicate the 6 basic rules of resume writing.

1. One Page. It is important that your resume is one page long to make it easier for the employer to read.

2. Delete the line about “references on request”. You should not write this on your CV, as it is implicit that if someone wants to, they will request it.

3. Be careful on the part of personal interests. Remember that these must be interesting in order to get the recruiter’s attention, because what you want is to get an interview.

4. List your achievements, not the functions you performed. Many people can do your previous work, but not all can get the good results that you did. Therefore, it is important that you highlight them.

5. Don’t try to be a designer. Unless you are, don’t spend hours designing your resume and focus more on highlighting your strengths, abilities, knowledge, experience and qualifications.

6. Include your most recent work first. It is essential that your CV maintains a chronological order, since in this way the human resource managers will evaluate in which area you have fresh yet strong knowledge.

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